In the past the debate about return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece has focused on legal and historical wrangles. We should be concentrating on the future, and restoring the Marbles to their authentic setting. The 2004 Olympics would provide a unique opportunity for the British Government to make an imaginative and generous contribution to world heritage. It is a chance for this country to demonstrate just how forward looking, internationalist and progressive it really is.

The primary objective of the campaign is to persuade the UK Government to make a commitment to enable the Parthenon Marbles (or "Elgin Marbles") to be displayed in Athens. Thus, reuniting the sculptures with the remaining 40% in Athens, to restore the unity of the monument. This commitment should be made before the Athens Olympics in 2004.

The campaign is not specifically asking for the Marbles to be physically returned before the Olympics, though this would be excellent if it were possible. It sees the physical return as being dependent on the preparation of a suitable home for the Marbles and will follow progress on the New Acropolis Museum. This should not, however, prevent a commitment in principle on the return from being made.

On this site you will find material on the background to the campaign, the timetable of events, information on ways in which you can help, banners and artwork you can use to the support the campaign, and more. At any time, should you have any questions for which you cannot find the answers here, please do contact us